So you’re thinking about hiring someone to make some video content for your brand or business. The only problem is, do we need to shoot some video, or is animation a better choice? Or maybe a combination of both? In this short article, I’ll highlight some of the advantages and disadvantages of both. Let’s continue!

It’s timeless

Beautiful design and art is timeless. Just look at all the centuries old art that is still being displayed in museums all over the world. People are transfixed by beauty, and animation can create visual masterpieces with relative ease.

Show the impossible

CGI / Animation makes things you can not film visible. Say you want to demonstrate the process inside of a coffee machine for example; not all cameras would fit inside, or are able to see through the hard case of the coffee machine. With animation you can highlight all components on the inside and show every step of the coffee brewing process in detail.

Full control

With animation, you have 100% control over the visual output. Say you want an animation in your brand’s colors;  you can easily and accurately use your brands colors to populate the entire animation video. Logo’s, characters and even background props can be colored with your brand’s recognizable color scheme. And should your brand’s colors change due to a rebranding, then the new colors can easily replace the old ones in animation.

Bad actors

Actors age, forget their lines, have bad days, can arrive late or can often be overpaid and more. Animated characters are evergreen, don’t complain, and do what they’re programmed to do!

Virtual sets

Set design for video can be expensive, virtual sets in animation are cheaper and the files can be reopened and objects rearranged at any time. Video shoots often happen on certain days, and should you want to change things after the fact, you’re in for expensive reshoots. Animation can be tweaked or redone anytime, anyplace.

Best of both worlds

Don’t forget, animation and CGI  is also a great addition to film. So even if you prefer to shoot on real film, there are still scenes that can be done with computer generated imagery. This way you can have the best of both worlds.

So if you feel like getting started with animation, CGI or VFX, get in contact with Studio Speets to discuss the possibilities for your brand.