Animations and motion graphics for your brand

Studio Speets can produce all kinds of animations and video content for marketing or branding purposes. From explainer animations, pre-roll and display advertising videos, to VFX and motion graphics. Any visuals or videos you need for your marketing or business demands can be tailor-made. Ensure the story that you want to tell gets told the best way possible. Blow away your audience and target market with great visuals and great sound.

Below are some examples of videos I’ve produced for personal and commercial projects.

Grab a snack, lean back and enjoy!

Motion Design showreel Q3 2020

The most recent version of my showreel – all the latest and best stuff is in this one!

Explainer animation

A short animation I made for a local business in the Hague called Zorgeloos Ondernemen.

Explainer animation for an app

An animation for the app Elyze, which helps civil servants and managers find and fill jobs in the Netherlands.

Business logo ident

An introduction animation for a networking group that holds weekly meetings. This video was used to start the presentations.

True Story Company bumper

A short ident I made for a social media company.

Timelapse of the rocket launch bumper

A rocket launch timelapse of the 3D video made for True Story Company.

Social media content

An animation made to celebrate 1000 followers on LinkedIn.

Screen recording timelapse

A timelapse video of an explainer animation made in Cinema4D and After Effects. The resulting animation was made for Dutch app “Elyze”.

Social content

A short social video I made for my LinkedIn contacts.

Social content

A short social media holiday greeting video I made for my LinkedIn contacts.

Bumper / Ident

A short logo animation I made for video production company Once Aponno Time.

Mantra VJ loop

A free VJ loop you can use in performances!

Logo animation

A short introduction video made for Centrum voor Mindfulness Den Haag.

Sound design session

A short sound design session I recorded on the ASM Hydrasynth.

Explainer animation “Elyze”

The second video I made for app Elyze, which helps government organisations find staff quickly.

Animation timelapse

This is a timelapse I edited of the recordings I made during building an explainer video.

VJ loop and beat loop

A short VJ loop and beat loop made as a study piece, practicing new techniques.

Modeling and texturing timelapse

A short timelapse of my first 3D model in Blender.

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