High quality website animations

Increasing the look and status of design and development company’s website

High quality animations can improve the user experience of a website, and allow for storytelling in a way that can not be told through text alone. Rotterdam digital product agency Varias approached Studio Speets with the following question; can you bring to life some of the images on our website?

After discussing existing examples and clarifying the scope and deliverables of the project, work started on creating one of the deliverables. A colorful 3D animation of a smoke simulation was needed to add dynamics to the Varias logo. This hero visual was going to be featured on top of the web page.

Design is of course an iterative process. By trying multiple styles and discussing them for feedback, the right choices for the client can be made. Here you see one of the smoke simulations that did not make the cut.

Another deliverable was a pair of photographs brought to life thanks to animation. By expertly modeling elements of the company’s mascot – a chameleon – a truly convincing animation could be conceived. All of these visuals were to be featured prominently on the Varias homepage, so high quality animation and image quality was a must!

Motion can improve the visuals on a website greatly, and these animations have taken it to a whole new level. Contact Studio Speets today to see how you existing website can be upgraded, or how a new website with animations can help your business grow.

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