Celebrating the end of a big project

How do you celebrate the finish of a big project? One way to do it is to create a beautiful animation video that covers all the highlights. And that is just what a local bank near Studio Speets decided to do.

In a brainstorm meeting with the stakeholders of this project, the entire project was discussed. We went over what was achieved in the past few months, and what absolutely needed to be shown in the animation.

After defining the story of the animation video, style frames are made to define the visual style of the animation. This visual style matches the branding of the company, allowing the animation to feel as an important part of the overall corporate communication.

Once the entire storyboard has been converted to high resolution illustrations, the process of animating can begin. That all starts with cutting up the illustrations into moveable parts, after that, things are set in motion.

After animating all the separate scenes, it’s time to edit it all into a bigger whole and finish it off with some audio post production. Due to sensitive information in the animation, it can’t be shared in full here. But hopefully this case gave you some insight in to what it takes to create an explainer animation.

This project was made for ABN AMRO

Let’s make something beautiful together.