How do you make a Spotify Canvas animation video?

Turns out you don’t need a lot. Below you see the process that went into making a looping background animation for Indian musician TRE. It all started with collecting ideas. With some examples in hand, TRE and Studio Speets collectively sought out what visuals would be a good fit for his music.

What followed was the modeling of the 3D vinyl record. By building the 3D model and adding a great shader to it, things really started to take shape.

After the 3D model is done, it was time to set up the scene and animation. Clone the vinyl a couple of times, animate them, light the scene and make the camera move.

The result is a stunning seamless loop of floating vinyl records in a haze of colorful lights that match the vibe of TRE’s music.

“The graphics look cool, love it. Always love your work!


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