Display advertising on the Coolsingel for SERVED

Selling coffee, lunch, juices and other drinks in one of the busiest streets of Rotterdam can be a hectic thing, but SERVED has managed to do it for years now. They have grown so successful that a second franchise has opened and there is probably no stopping them anytime soon.

But none of this happens by accident. It takes hard work, a noticeable brand and lots of solid marketing efforts to keep a business running, so when SERVED took the opportunity to advertise on full motion displays on the Coolsingel in Rotterdam, they approached Studio Speets to help out with creating some eye popping advertising they could use on these displays, right in the middle of one of the busiest and well known streets in the Netherlands.

SERVED asked to make a couple of different animations that were 6 seconds long – the maximum time allowed on these full motion displays, all while promoting their core products like; take away coffee, home delivered coffee (coffee pods and beans) and juices. They needed to be attention grabbing but also follow the brand guidelines.

Every project always starts with a sketch. Using a drawing tablet, the concepts were drawn first. Drawing gives the client something to give feedback on early in the process, and it makes sure the story that has to be told, and the visuals that accompany it, are 100% correct.

By using lots of motion in the first half of the short animations, coupled with the strong brand colors, they are sure to grab the attention of anyone walking down the street. The latter half of the animation uses less motion, so that people can easily read the funny quips that SERVED often displays on their posters inside their venues. And where they can find the nearest venue of course!

The result is a selection of sleek animations that garner attention for SERVED’s core products, that can be used as display advertising but also works as social media content as well. This ensures that the animations can be used on a multitude of platforms for years to come, creating a stronger brand and increasing brand recognition.

Take a look at the SERVED Instagram account @served_official to see the animations, or check out their website to order some of their delicious products.

When you walk down the Coolsingel in Rotterdam, keep an eye out for the city info displays that play animations as well – you might just see these animations out on the street!

If you want to start with narrowcasting or broadcasting advertising or need recognizable social media content, send Studio Speets a message.