Revealing a brand new shirt on social media

Studio Speets was approached to create a social video to reveal a brand new T-shirt worn by the FC Utrecht team, with T-mobile as its sponsor.

Always make a storyboard. You don’t want to create an animation that doesn’t fit the clients (or their customers) needs. Studio Speets sketched out the basic structure on paper first, getting this right is paramount!

What followed was the modeling of the assets for the animation. Among the key elements were a house, a football stadium, the T-shirt and more. These models were crafted from scratch, and match the T-Mobile brand perfectly.

Another star of the show was the football stadium. By expertly modeling a 3D version, maximum brand recognition is guaranteed.

Once all the models are built, it’s time to assemble them into the scenes sketched out in the storyboard. The animation is really starting to take shape here.

After some feedback and final tweaks, the animation is done and ready to be posted on social media!

This project was made for qontent matters.

Let’s make something beautiful together.