Making a video branding kit for an intellectual property lawyer

Intellectual property law expert Anchor IP approached Studio Speets with the question to help them with their online presence. During the Corona pandemic, online video conferencing, video courses and the likes have skyrocketed in use. It was up to Studio Speets to create an animated identity for the video content that Anchor IP produces.

Sketch out some ideas

It all started with a meeting. By brainstorming and quickly sketching out ideas, we gave shape to some great ideas and put them on paper. Being able to look at what you’re describing makes talking about it so much easier.

Picking a style

After deciding what the story of the animation is going to be, it’s time to decide in what style it’s going to be communicated. By developing a couple style frames that fit the brand identity, we were getting closer to a final result.

Making moves

Once a style has been defined, everything has to be set in motion. The animation itself also has to fit the brand identity, and in this case; highlight the deeper aspects of the logo itself. This consists of animating the anchor as well as the scales that are both featured in the brand logo.

Motion branding

The result is a pack of animated elements that can be used and reused in order to have the client create professional looking media for their audience. All with a few simple clicks in your favorite video editing software.

This project was made for Anchor IP

Let’s make something beautiful together.