Studio Speets was approached to help out with creating 3D animations for sports water brand Yanga. They needed some slow rotating shots of their Yanga Sport Water bottle used in gyms across the world. Ideally, these visuals were made in 3D – that way, when the bottle design is changed or updated, that would mean the 3D model of it only needed to be updated as well, and brand new, but similar renders could be quickly made.

The problem however, was that there was no 3D model of the bottle. Thankfully, 3D modeling is part of the Studio Speets skillset.

By faithfully recreating the bottle in 3D, a realistic representation of the actual bottle could be made. Custom made materials were also crucial, since the bottle has a transparent body made of polypropylene, which has a transparent but slightly milky opaqueness characteristic to it. With the right subsurface scattering, roughness settings and index of response (the way in which the polypropylene bends light) an accurate material was made in Redshift.

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