Logo animations

Set your brand in motion

A logo animation can really make your brand stand out. Whether you need to spice up your online video streaming channel, improve the look of your vlogs or company video, or want to impress your social media followers – an animated logo (also known as a bumper) is a great eye catcher that hooks your audience right from the start.

Logo animation for True Story Company

Logo animation

Logo animations are also known as bumpers, because they can be used in front and at the back of your video – just like a car bumper! Changes can also be made to feature contact information in the end screen.

Production value

Upgrade the look of your videos right from the start. A professional look lets your viewers know you mean business, thus increasing the chance they keep coming back for your content!

Screen wipes

Why only settle for an opening video? It’s also possible to get custom made animated screen wipes, that hide editing and other cuts in your videos, or introduce different segments in your content.

Logo animation for Centrum voor Mindfulness Den Haag
Logo animation for BNI Royaal

“Rick has made a brilliant 3D animation in a matter of days, that tells our entire story in one and a half minute. His way of working and quality is excellent and I would wholeheartedly recommend him.”


Rick Speets

Animation video producer // Audio producer // Graphic designer

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