Blender Cloner Tool 1.0

A very handy and customizable tool for Blender that allows you to clone instances along a curve, and more!


A Blender project file that you can append or store as asset in your asset browser.

  • Geometry nodes project made with Blender 3.6 LTS
  • Clones Instances in a Collection onto a Curve
  • Add your own objects to the Instance Collection to clone them instantly
  • Tab to edit the Curve, delete it and draw your own Curves, any shape on any surface!
  • Lots of highly customizable settings in the Modifier window, to make it your own (scale, speed, rotation, distribution length, noise speed etc.)
  • Curve comes with cloned curves around it too, giving a high tech fiber-optic look (but can be turned off)
  • Fully annotated with clear descriptions in the Geometry Nodes editor, so you can analyze how it works
  • 3 Geometry Nodes modifiers and 1 Curve modifier to keep things organized (enable or disable them)
  • Future updates of version 1.x are FREE for all purchasers

Geometry Nodes

This tool used 3 Geometry Nodes modifiers and 1 Curve modifer. All the nodes are clearly labeled with descriptive functions and explanations, so you can study it inside and out as well! A lot of options are selectable and tweakable in the Modifiers window as well, enabling you to quickly customize the setup to your liking. You can make the clones move slow, fast or not at all. Clone few objects, or a lot, offset their position in all axis’ and displace everything with customizable noise – or not! It’s up to you.

Example render

Quickly make renders like this, with lots of instances along a Curve. But don’t worry, you can turn off the fibres/cables, the noise that displaces it and even add your own models to the cloner, so you are not limited to cloning cubes!

The scene below, its models and materials are not included in the project file, it’s a Geometry Nodes tool only. Which allows you to create an infinite variety of complex renders easily.


How to use

Append the project file or mark it as an asset and put it in your Asset browser folder.


  • 2 mb of hard drive space
  • Made with Blender 3.6 LTS


This Blender project file from Studio Speets can be used for an unlimited amount of personal and commercial projects, and gives 1 seat a perpetual license. Studios need to buy 1 per seat that uses the tool. Future updates of version 1.x will be free or charge.

You are not allowed to claim the contents (or any of the other files in this download) as your own and/or sell and/or modify any of the contents in the download to any party. This license grants 1 person the right to use the Blender project to make animations, VFX, graphics, prints or any form of media. for yourself or your clients.