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About this track

A free ASMR inspired musical piece with an ambient feel.

  • Title: Rick Speets – Generative ASMR musical soundscape 001
  • Length: 25m34s
  • File format: .wav
  • Size: 387 mb
  • Release date: 02-02-2021

License info

Music from Studio Speets can be used for personal and commercial projects.

You are not allowed to claim this music as your own or register it to any store, platform or Performance Rights Organization (or any other Rights Management system) or anything remotely similar. Other people will download this music as well, and it will create conflict with their usage.
You are not allowed to sample, remix or rap over the music and claim it as your own.

You can however edit (cut, filter or adjust volume) of the music to have it fit your content, but leave the overall feel of it intact.
You can use Royalty Free Music in your multimedia project (like videos, websites, animations, podcasts etc.) royalty free as long as you credit Studio Speets clearly.

Always attribute the credits as followed: Music: or Music: **Song Title** – from




Additional information

License Type

Normal License, Extended License, Maximum License


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