Make the unseen visible

3D visualizations are a great way to show that which is often impossible to record with a video camera. Think of the hidden internal processes of engines, components and other machinery. But also projects that have not been realized yet can benefit from a professional looking 3D visualization, think of urban planning or architecture. Studio Speets specializes is 3D animation and can help make the unseen visible!

Architectural visualization

With a high quality 3D visualization of your next architectural project, you are destined to make an impression. Whether it´s interior decoration or the realistic depiction of a new house, office or urban planning – hyper realistic renders can be made

Technical animation

Reveal the components and processes inside of machinery with a technical 3D animation. Your CAD-files can be used in our 3D software to make compelling and explanatory technical animations that look fantastic and instructs the audience.

Particle simulations

When you sell a product that containts a high amounts of units, like coffee beans or rice, a particle animation can be a very handy instrument to animate hundreds, thousands or even millions of units.

Product demo

Show off the exterior, interior and capabilities of your product in a high resolution 3D product demo. A great way to make your customers excited about the release of your newest product. You can send your own 3D model or Studio Speets can make it for you when you don’t have a 3D model available yet.

Liquid simulations

Complex machinery that works with liquids, like washing machines or motor engines are also possible to animate. If your company is in need of a realistic visualization of the inner workings of pipes, tubes and liquid containers of your product, get in touch right now!

Explainer animations

An explainer animation can really make things clear for your prospects. Studies have shown people today read less and less, and that moving pictures and audio explain complex material way more clearly than just text. Stop writing and start showing what you do, it’s quicker, easier and more engaging!

Make complex subjects understandable

Animations are a great way to make complex subjects understandable for your target audience. Processes within your company can be simplified with illustrations, couple that with a script and voice over that clearly describes the material and you have a winning formula. Stop telling people what you do, show them!

Clear and concise

You know the saying – A picture says more than a thousand words. Clear and concise visuals explain something in a way that text can not convey. Now there is more room to explain in a shorter time.

Voice over

It doesn’t stop with great visuals. A professional sounding voice over really adds to the clarity of the subject, increasing the chance your audience really understands the subject.

Call to action

Set your audience in action by featuring calls to action in the explainer videos. Don’t just explain something to your audience, make them call you, email you or share your content!

A visual style that matches your goals

There are many ways to tell a story, and many ways to visualize them. Together we will find a fitting style of animation that fits the goals that you want to achieve. Whether it be 2D illustration, photo manipulation, 3D graphics or anything in between.

Striking designs to captivate your audience

Graphic design can be of vital importance when communicating with your audience. It provides a message that is better conveyed through image than text, which can be a time saver and above all – resonate with your target audience. Whether you need printed posters, magazine ads, concept art, 3D illustrations, social media content or beautiful art for your latest music release on streaming platforms – Studio Speets has got you covered. Pun intended!

Social media content

Can’t think of anything to post on social media? Make it easier by getting a package of ready made images and backdrops you can post or edit yourself. Connect with your target audience with beautiful visuals that speak directly to their interests.

Cover art

So, you’re a musician with ambition? Stand out from the online crowd with custom made cover art that really makes people question: “Wow, that’s some cool art – I wonder what the song sounds like?” Take your listeners on a journey, through sound, and sight!

Concept art

Creative agencies, game developers and film producers often have a need for concept art, to envision new worlds that don’t exist yet. This way, the production team has a visual reference to focus their creative energies on, and they can start to create these new worlds for their audiences. But without concept art, they have no target to focus on. Give your team clarity by having a predefined visual goal to aim at!

3D illustration

Bring an illustration to a whole new dimension with 3D illustrations. These illustrations can be great for advertising, presentations or content on your website or social media, because 3D can really “pop” in a world of flat imagery and text. More dimensions means more room for details and places to look at – this way you’ll captivate the attention of your audience longer.

Print advertising

Need an advertisement? A poster for your festival or maybe you want to invite people to your event the old fashioned way – with a card. Whatever you need, Studio Speets can make it and print it.

Set your brand in motion

Expand the reach of your business with branded content that fits your target audience. From graphic design, to motion graphics, animation or other types of videos. Tell your audience what you do and where to find you through content that entertains and/or provokes thought.

Social media content

Share engaging stories and posts on your favorite social media platforms, and keep your audience hooked with tailor made content that fits your brand and company vision!

Website content

Entice your audience with all kinds of multimedia for your website. Tell your companies story with content that fits your brand and company mission, and convert potential leads into customers.

Special effects / VFX

Add that special touch to your videos that a camera simply can not record. Overlay motion graphics in your videos so that they become more informative and even better to look at too!

Logo animation

Logo animations are also known as bumpers, because they can be used in front and at the back of your video – just like a car bumper! Changes can also be made to feature contact information in the end screen.

Offline advertising

Rather do print work? Content marketing and print advertisements, or maybe a flyer… It’s all possible. Studio Speets can also help you connect with your audience through display advertising in shopping locations or other venues.

T-Mobile and FC Utrecht t-shirt reveal

Studio Speets was approached to reveal the new design of the T-Mobile / FC Utrecht football shirt. From storyboarding to modeling, shading and animating and sound design – the entire 15 second social video was produced in 1 week.