Show them what you do

An explainer animation can really make things clear for your prospects. Studies have shown people today read less and less, and that moving pictures and audio explain complex material way more clearly than just text. Stop writing and start showing what you do, it’s quicker, easier and more engaging!

Make complex subjects understandable

Animations are a great way to make complex subjects understandable for your target audience. Processes within your company can be simplified with illustrations, couple that with a script and voice over that clearly describes the material and you have a winning formula. Stop telling people what you do, show them!

Clear and concise

You know the saying – A picture says more than a thousand words. Clear and concise visuals explain something in a way that text can not convey. Now there is more room to explain in a shorter time.

Voice over

It doesn’t stop with great visuals. A professional sounding voice over really adds to the clarity of the subject, increasing the chance your audience really understands the subject.

Call to action

Set your audience in action by featuring calls to action in the explainer videos. Don’t just explain something to your audience, make them call you, email you or share your content!

A visual style that matches your goals

There are many ways to tell a story, and many ways to visualize them. Together we will find a fitting style of animation that fits the goals that you want to achieve. Whether it be 2D illustration, photo manipulation, 3D graphics or anything in between.