Audio production

Hear the difference

Great visuals without audio just aren’t the same. Movie music is often described as the “wings of a film”. It can take it to new places. Whether you need a spine tingling soundtrack, a jingle that matches your brand or a earth shattering beat for the dancefloor, bespoke audio and music is also one of the specialties of Studio Speets.

You can contact Studio Speets for bespoke audio or license music for your personal and commercial projects through the BeatStars player below.


Elevate your videos or films with a soundtrack that accentuates what happens on screen. Why settle for stock music when you can create something unique and memorable? Send in your (almost) finished video content and Studio Speets will create a fitting and unique bespoke soundtrack or sound design.

Idents and jingles

Your brand needs to be recognizable, but why stop at the visual part? Make sure people talk about your brand with not only great visual content, but fitting audio and music as well. Bespoke idents and jingles can be delivered quite quickly, depending on your needs.


Rappers and other artists that need instrumentals, look no further. If you need a beat that still has room to spare for you voice, this is the place to get them! Send an e-mail with your wishes and you’ll receive an estimation of the costs. Hear something you like? You can lease beats as well!