Branded content

Set your brand in motion

Expand the reach of your business with branded content that fits your target audience. From graphic design, to motion graphics, animation or other types of videos. Tell your audience what you do and where to find you through content that entertains and/or provokes thought.

Social media content

Share engaging stories and posts on your favorite social media platforms, and keep your audience hooked with tailor made content that fits your brand and company vision!

Website content

Entice your audience with all kinds of multimedia for your website. Tell your companies story with content that fits your brand and company mission, and convert potential leads into customers.

Special effects / VFX

Add that special touch to your videos that a camera simply can not record. Overlay motion graphics in your videos so that they become more informative and even better to look at too!

Logo animation

Logo animations are also known as bumpers, because they can be used in front and at the back of your video – just like a car bumper! Changes can also be made to feature contact information in the end screen.

Offline advertising

Rather do print work? Content marketing and print advertisements, or maybe a flyer… It’s all possible. Studio Speets can also help you connect with your audience through display advertising in shopping locations or other venues.

T-Mobile and FC Utrecht t-shirt reveal

Studio Speets was approached to reveal the new design of the T-Mobile / FC Utrecht football shirt. From storyboarding to modeling, shading and animating and sound design – the entire 15 second social video was produced in 1 week.