Graphic design

Striking designs to captivate your audience

Graphic design can be of vital importance when communicating with your audience. It provides a message that is better conveyed through image than text, which can be a time saver and above all – resonate with your target audience. Whether you need printed posters, magazine ads, concept art, 3D illustrations, social media content or beautiful art for your latest music release on streaming platforms – Studio Speets has got you covered. Pun intended!

Social media content

Can’t think of anything to post on social media? Make it easier by getting a package of ready made images and backdrops you can post or edit yourself. Connect with your target audience with beautiful visuals that speak directly to their interests.

Cover art

So, you’re a musician with ambition? Stand out from the online crowd with custom made cover art that really makes people question: “Wow, that’s some cool art – I wonder what the song sounds like?” Take your listeners on a journey, through sound, and sight!

Concept art

Creative agencies, game developers and film producers often have a need for concept art, to envision new worlds that don’t exist yet. This way, the production team has a visual reference to focus their creative energies on, and they can start to create these new worlds for their audiences. But without concept art, they have no target to focus on. Give your team clarity by having a predefined visual goal to aim at!

3D illustration

Bring an illustration to a whole new dimension with 3D illustrations. These illustrations can be great for advertising, presentations or content on your website or social media, because 3D can really “pop” in a world of flat imagery and text. More dimensions means more room for details and places to look at – this way you’ll captivate the attention of your audience longer.

Print advertising

Need an advertisement? A poster for your festival or maybe you want to invite people to your event the old fashioned way – with a card. Whatever you need, Studio Speets can make it and print it.