Fix bad compression on social media

In this video, you’ll learn how to circumvent bad compression on a lot of social media platforms.

Sculpting a mountain

This time lapse shows the process of sculpting a mountain backdrop.

3D Coat pillar sculpt

A short time lapse of sculpting an ancient hieroglyph pillar in 3D Coat.

C4D not responding fix

Does Cinema4D freeze when opening a project? This might be the fix!

More control over X-particles sims in Cinema4D

This tutorial helps you keep your simulations under control.

God rays in Cinema4D + Redshift in 1 minute

This tutorial will show you how to make god rays, or light shafts, in Redshift for C4D.

X-Particles clouds tutorial for Cinema4D

This lengthy tutorial shows you how to make realistic .vdb 3D clouds.

Photobashing in After Effects tutorial

Learn how to photobash in Adobe After Affects.

Digitakt + Ableton BPM sync issue fix tutorial

A short video on how to fix the BPM drifting in Ableton + Elektron Digitakt.

Smokey letters with Cinema4D’s X-Particles

Learn how to make smoke filled letters with Cinema4D and the X-particles plugin.

Cinema 4D fields on any parameter tutorial

In this video, you’ll learn how to use Cinema 4D Fields (or Falloffs) on basically any parameter.

Parametric straight line in C4D

This short tutorial will teach you how to make a single parametric straight line with ease!

X-Particles smoke tutorial

Learn how to make colorful smoke in Cinema4D with the X-particles plugin.