For the love of art and design.

There are a couple of passions driving the mission that Studio Speets has. Let’s see what they are;

A love for cinema

Picture perfect frames and engaging stories have excited us for centuries, and can resonate with people on a very personal level. Cinematic videos and content to enthrall your audience are at the heart of what drives me.

Passion for music

Music can set the mood like nothing else can, and with over 10 years of music and audio production experience, I make sure your audience hears what it needs to hear. Doesn’t that sound good?

Wanting to help others

Helping others achieve their goals is a great feeling, and a thankful experience. In today’s society attention is everything, and I love to help people reach their goals through my attention grabbing creations. By defining your obstacle, we can work towards a solution.

Rick Speets

Nice to meet you! How can I help you?