An explainer animation to bring clarity to your business

An explainer animation to bring clarity to your business

Studio Speets was asked to create an explainer animation for Rotterdam based company US4U.

They were experiencing a problem; every time a potential client asked them “So, what do you do exactly?”, the staff came up with a slightly different explanation every time. There wasn’t real cohesion in their messaging towards leads, which can create confusion and does not help your sales process.

In order to create a unified message, US4U approached Studio Speets to make an animation video that contains a clear explanation of what US4U does, and why their target audience needs them.

We started the process with a brainstorm and script meeting. This session was a couple of hours long and formed the strong foundation of the project. By digging deep in to what makes the company and it’s owners tick, what they want to achieve in the near and far future, we got a sense of the story that needed to be told.

This animation needed quite a lot of different characters to tell the story. By illustrating them, splitting all their layers up in to pieces and rigging these elements, they were brought to life to tell their part of the story.

A professional voice over is a great tool to tell the story in a more clear way. By recording, editing, mixing and mastering all the voice over audio in-house, Studio Speets was able to strengthen the professionalism of the end product.

By putting a lot of effort in to the first stages of the project (script, storyboard, concepting) the rest of the project, the actual production, went by nearly flawlessly. The end result is an animation that tells the US4U story in a concise way, bringing clarity to their potential clients and strengthening US4U’s professional image and message.