Animating a CAD model into VFX for enviolo

Animating a CAD model into VFX for Enviolo

Introducing a product to the market can be an exciting time. But above all else, you want eyeballs on your product so that your target audience knows it is available for them to purchase. Nothing is worse than having a great product but not being able to sell it. You’ve spent months, sometimes even years to develop something, going through iteration after iteration, only to have it fall flat on its face when you want to launch it.

In order to get lots of eyes on your product, a clear video that shows off a product in an enticing way can really help sell it to your target audience. That’s why enviolo came to Studio Speets to help out with the VFX part of their launch video for the brand new enviolo URBAN Hub. This stepless shifting bicycle gear allows for smoother gear shifting while cycling and with some eye popping VFX, this product gets all the attention it deserves. enviolo had a CAD model available to use, so setting up the initial 3D animation was less time consuming than you might think.

The real challenge was getting the model aligned with the video footage that was sent over. Implementing an object into footage where the camera moves can be difficult, as it requires you to track the footage, recreate the film scene in 3D and then load in the CAD model, texture and shade it according to the properties of the object and then light the 3D scene according to the film footage. This way the reflections on the 3D model look as natural as possible, and emulate the real world enviolo URBAN Hub that is seen in the film footage. In the end, you want the 3D model to look the exact same way as the URBAN Hub in the film footage, so that the transition from film to 3D is as seamless as possible.

Video production: Jöran Maaswinkel, enviolo
3D VFX and animation: Rick Speets, Studio Speets

“I’ve been following Rick and his work for a while. When I presented the enviolo urban launch video script to Rick, he immediately came up with valuable additions to make the final result even better. The collaboration with Rick is on a high level, and his expertise gave me the confidence that we would get the result that fits a premium brand like enviolo.”