Animated music video in Unreal 5 for Dread Pitt

An animated music video in Unreal 5 for Dread Pitt

Studio Speets was approached by trusted client and music producer Dread Pitt. This Rotterdam based music producer has several label releases under his name and is known for his warm and music with a tribal touch. Though his sound is quite exotic, it is also quite “danceable” and is sure to make people on the dancefloor move.

Dread Pitt’s exotic energy and lush, warm sounds needed to be conveyed in a visual way for his brand new album release. That’s where Studio Speets came in! Mr. Pitt needed a high quality music video that looked just like his music sounded. Layered, deep, warm, natural and musical – all elements had to come through in a visual way. To achieve this, Studio Speets decided to create the majority of the animation video in Unreal 5, which is capable of rendering insane amounts of foliage at lightning speeds.

By animating the camera to the beat and cutting the rendered clips to the BPM, a high energy animation video was realized that fits Dread Pitt’s music perfectly. Every zoom, pan and tilt of the camera is matched meticulously to create a musical and visual synergy that is sure to make your body move.

Sadly, as of writing this case, the music video can not be shared in its entirety, so you can get a glimpse of a couple of shots here, without audio. But keep an eye out for the music video to drop in early 2023!

But that’s not all! Studio Speets also created a music visualizer for the track “Journey”. This warm and sunny visualizer accompanies the tightly produced track and is also synced up to the beat. You can view the entire music video on the Dread Pitt Youtube channel.

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