Blender X-ray and Hologram shader v1.6

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One shader, no keyframes, infinite possibilities.

A beautiful X-ray and hologram shader pack for both Eevee and Cycles, including 10 preset materials! Gives your 3D models an x-ray, hologram of futuristic sci-fi look! 5 FX layers with meticulous mixing controls, color control, visibility and masking controls, animation / speed control and custom nodes with exposed parameters like position, scale and rotation of the FX ensure that you yourself can quickly create the coolest looking hologram, X-ray or even fantasy and special FX materials in no time. Don’t want to waste time and get started immediately? Check out the 10 preset materials that come with the pack!

This video covers version 1.6

Built for customizability

The whole point of the shader is customizability. All important parameters that you would want to control are exposed in the custom nodes. That means that everything can be controlled from the main shader window and you won’t have to dive into the custom nodes themselves. Logical node layout and flow, and color coded frames help you orient yourself with ease – this way you’ll be creating your own variations in seconds!

Procedurally animated!

No keyframes, no Geometry Nodes, 100% shader. Animation can be disabled for static materials.

  • One master material made for fast customization
  • Everything is controlled from the main shader / material window, no need to dive into custom nodes
  • Includes 10 presets made from the same master material (some presets are legacy presets, made with an older version of the shader)
  • Features lots of custom nodes with only the useful parameters exposed
  • Logical node flow, clear descriptions and annotations make it easy to understand
  • Making your own variations is super easy!
  • 5 different visual FX layers, 2 mask layers
  • Easily turn off or on FX layers. Only need 1 instead of 5? No problem!
  • 1 animation node with adjustable speed output
  • FX layers have their own adjustable speed inputs as well
  • Multiple color ramps give color or clamp the visual effects
  • Color the mesh by vector – change the vector and you change the direction of the color scheme
  • Easily change visibility or mix effects with mixer nodes
  • Full control over hologram patterns as this shader is NOT based on the Wireframe node
  • Change speed, size, rotation, mix, visibility, colors, everything!
  • 100% procedural! No texture maps, no Geometry Nodes, no UV’s and no keyframes needed
  • Easily enable / disable hologram mode. Disabled = pure X-ray
  • Future updates are free for purchasers
  • A percentage of the revenue goes to the Blender Development Fund!
  • New in v1.1 – striped hologram mode!
  • New in v1.2 – dotted holograms
  • New in v1.3 – Eevee support and procedurally animated holograms!
  • New in v1.31 – Better shader node layout, descriptions and colored node frames
  • New in v1.4 – A set of 5 materials / shaders has been added as presets
  • New in v1.5 – Added an extra layer with a custom noise node + mask layer with custom noise node
  • New in v1.6 – 2 extra FX layers (5 total now!), reworked the fresnel node (faster calculation), improved node layout with annotations
  • Be quick, this product will get updated regularly and the price might increase

Works great with the Blender Exploder Tool

Procedurally animated holograms are now possible. No keyframes, no Geometry Nodes, 100% shader!




Change log

Version 1.1 – Hologram mode added (procedural)

Version 1.2 – Dotted hologram added (procedural)

Version 1.3 – Eevee support and procedural animation

Version 1.31 – Better shader node layout, descriptions and colored node frames

Version 1.4 – Preset pack with 5 different X-ray and hologram shaders for your Asset library!

Version 1.5 – Added an extra layer with a custom noise node + mask layer with custom noise node

Version 1.6 – 2 extra FX layers (5 total now!), reworked the fresnel node (better performance and control), improved node layout with annotations


  • 2 mb of hard drive space
  • Made with Blender 3.6 LTS


This Blender project file from Studio Speets can be used for an unlimited amount of personal and commercial projects, and gives 1 seat a perpetual license. Studios need to buy 1 per seat that uses the tool. Future updates of version 1.x will be free or charge.

You are not allowed to claim the contents (or any of the other files in this download) as your own and/or sell and/or modify any of the contents in the download to any party. This license grants 1 person the right to use the Blender project to make animations, VFX, graphics, prints or any form of media. for yourself or your clients.