Blender Exploder Tool v1.35

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A very handy and customizable tool for Blender that allows you explode all the meshes inside a Collection in a very visually appealing way. Basically, you can animate thousands of objects with just 1 slider! Or go deeper for more personalized control. Take a look at the example below, where only 4 parameters have been animated, but LOTS of geometry moves. This tool gives the best looking result when used with complex meshes with hundreds or even thousands of parts.


A Blender project file that you can append or store as asset in your asset browser.

  • Geometry nodes project made with Blender 3.6 LTS
  • Use the explode slider to move the position of all your objects
  • Add your own objects to 1 of the 6 Collection layers
  • Use 1 slider to explode all objects and create an exploded view of your meshes
  • Uses clever math/logic to animate based on position of objects
  • Swap out your models in the Collection layers, but keep the same animation intact
  • Lots of highly customizable settings in the Modifier window, to make it your own (explode all objects, rotate, multiply the effect, material override, 6 layers with lots of control, position offset and more)
  • For quickest result, put everything in 1 layer, but if you want more control, split your meshes between 6 Collections
  • Rotate all objects as one, or rotate every mesh in your scene around their own axis (locally)
  • 6 layers with their own controls – explode, multiply effect, position offset, checkboxes for exploding in X, Y or Z axis
  • Explodes 3D models, and explodes their individual faces/polygons too!
  • Includes optional camera-based backface culling + random face deletion to save render time
  • Scales and rotates individual faces/polygons as well, with their own separate sliders
  • Swap between Collections (Layers) easily in the Modifier tab
  • Future updates of version 1.x are FREE for all purchasers
  • New in v1.1 – material overrides for all 6 layers + master material override + explode individual faces/polygons!
  • New in v1.2 – Random face deletion by probability with random seed
  • New in v1.21 – Kill geometry inside or outside a (custom) volume
  • New in v1.3 – Explode XYZ, Add to position XYZ and Scale XYZ for all 6 Layers

Geometry Nodes

This tool has been made with Geometry Nodes and features a couple of custom made nodes to make it work. It allows you to quickly animate hundreds if not thousands of meshes with just a single slider – but for the nerds out there that want to go deeper; there are a lot of tweakable options to really customize the effect and make it your own! If you want quick results, put all your objects into 1 of the Collections and use the Explode slider on the X, Y or Z axis (or all 3 if you want to get really crazy). However, there are 6 Collections that work like layers. You put the objects you want to animate at the same time into the same collection. Say you have a very complex 3D model of a smartphone with hundreds of small components as meshes. You could put the outer casing and the glass of the smartphone in 1 layer, and put the insides and other technical components in layer 2. This way you can animate them separately – with just 2 sliders! But the visual effect looks quite complex, even though the number of keyframes can be really low.

No knowledge of Geometry Nodes required

This tool has a lot of settings in the Modifier window – the whole point is ease of use, but give lots of customizability options when required. If you know nothing about Geometry Nodes, don’t worry – everything is controlled from the Modifier tab. This way you can start creating beautiful exploded views quickly without being bogged down by nodes. Just move a couple of sliders and watch the magic happen! Take a look at everything you can control right from the Modifier tab below;

How to use

Append the project file by pressing File > Append in Blender. Then select all the Collections in the project file and Append. Then put all your meshes in one of the 6 layers (Collections), or split a number of them between layers. Also, if all your objects have a Location of X=0 Y=0 Z=0 it will not work, so make sure you select all meshes and press Object > Set Origin > Origin to geometry if that is the case.


  • 1.7 mb of hard drive space
  • Made with Blender 3.6 LTS


This Blender project file from Studio Speets can be used for an unlimited amount of personal and commercial projects, and gives 1 seat a perpetual license. Studios need to buy 1 per seat that uses the tool. Future updates of version 1.x will be free or charge.

You are not allowed to claim the contents (or any of the other files in this download) as your own and/or sell and/or modify any of the contents in the download to any party. This license grants 1 person the right to use the Blender project to make animations, VFX, graphics, prints or any form of media. for yourself or your clients.