Gasoline bomb explosion 001

A beautiful gasoline explosion that you can use in your 3D design and animation work.



This VDB sequence from Studio Speets can be used for an unlimited amount of personal and commercial projects.

You are not allowed to claim the contents (or any of the other files in this download) as your own and/or sell and/or modify any of the contents in the download to any party. This license grants you the right to use the VDB sequence to make animations, VFX, graphics, prints or any form of media. for yourself or your clients.



A 300 frame .VDB simulation

Available channels for the entire sequence are;

  • Density
  • Flame
  • Fuel
  • Temperature

How to use

Add the VDB sequence to your 3D software of choice, like Blender or Unreal Engine, and apply a volume material to it if needed. You can then use the VDB channels to drive density, fuel, flames and temperature of the VDB simulation.


  • 10 GB of hard drive space
  • 3D software that supports VDB sequences